Finding Vivian Maier

Piše: Aleksandra Aleksovska
Directors: John Maloof, Charlie Sisikel

You just went today on the streets of your town for a regular walk or some short term job and all of a sudden someone is taking photo of you and your appearance, but you are not aware of that. This happened a lot of times in 1951 when a nanny and care-giver named Vivian Maier was doing her “undercover” job as a street photographer in the same time she was taking the kids for a walk. And this is not a thing that was active for a year. Vivian was taking photos over the course of five decades and left over 100 000 negatives from Chicago and New York City.

“Finding Vivian Maier”  is a documentary showing the uncover of the mystery of one of the most talented and self-thought photographers in the 60’s who never had her own exhibition or attention from the public. Why is this so? Well during the film I had a doubt about that. Was it that she never wanted to create attention on her art masterpieces or she could not find the real support about printing and exposure negatives?

As a viewer you can have the dilemma about Vivian’s personality and her way of living. Different people around her, none of them her mother or sister, relative, lover, child…just friends that never were sure about the relationship and closeness they had with her. In certain point I fell her dedication on creating unique stories with her objective, than I admire her style and patience and passion to observe everyday life on the streets. Then I had strange feeling about the secrets that she was keeping away from surrounding.

This film starts as an adventure into discovery of an identity, than it becomes a journey full with mystery, at the end, while we are watching this photographs with esteem, hundreds of questions still float around about who was really Vivian Maier. So watch the film and discover your own point of view. 


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